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RUNNING TO HELP Maasai Children
Receive the Education they deserve
our President, Isaya Lukumay, rAn the 2013 BOSTON Marathon in an effort to raise enough to build a Preschool in ELUAI, Tanzania, his hometown. This preschool will help the children be better prepared for primary school so that they have a real shot at receiving an education.
Isaya never would have had the strength to finish this marathon if he didn't think it would be possible to raise sufficient funds to build the school. We need your help to make it happen.
no matter how small or big Please consider making a donation CLicking below, donations will be applied directly to this construction project
and DONATE/Payal SPREAD the word
we appreciate your support!
in ELUAI In 2008, A race was run.
Money was raised.
A well was dug--
and quickly fell into disrepair. The sweat and money that went into this well were soaked up again by the earth.
Once again, the women of Eluai are walking miles and miles only to collect dirty water.
Until now. TWO is currently raising funds to repair the well AND, more importantly, teach members of the Eluai community how to maintain, protect, repair, and treat the well. DONATE/Payal to water project
Donations Can be Sent to: The Warriors Organization
PO Box 650112
West Newton, MA 02465